1U 3-Tray Rack Chassis

1U 3-Tray Rack Chassis

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  • Features three front removable trays with backplanes for 3.5" SCA, IDE or SATA hard drives
  • Accommodates Micro, Standard or Server ATX motherboards
  • Tested and certified with PIII, P4, Dual AMD & Dual Xeon CPUs
  • Optional Slim Floppy and/or Slim CD-ROM/CDRW/CDRW-DVD/DVD Drive
  • Optional 200-460 watt ATX power supply
  • Removable center fan plenum
  • 6 High Output 40mm Fans Included Plus Room for 4 Additional Fans (Optional)
  • One PCI I/O expansion slot
  • Dimensions: 1 3/4" H x 19" W x 24" D
  • Available in Black or Beige

Call for pricing and information about the optional PCI I/O slot riser cards, power supplies, slim floppy and CDROM drives.

1U 3-Tray SCA Rack Chassis



1U 3-Tray ATA Rack Chassis



1U 3-Tray SATA Rack Chassis



CPU Cooling Fan


Sanyo Denki Available

Optional: PCI I/O Adapter Card


Laptop CD ROM Drive


Laptop CD ROM Drive PCB Adapter


Laptop Floppy Drive w/Ribbon Cable


Laptop Floppy Drive PCB Adapter


Power Supply Options:


  ATX 200 Watt, Auto Switching


  ATX 250 Watt, W/Power Factor Correction


  ATX 300 Watt, W/Power Factor Correction


 We offer several power supply options. Please call us. 

This chassis accepts slide rails

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